VIDEO 2: The Solution?

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Video 1 - Lies, Misinformation, & Ignorance...

Video 2 - The Solution?

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This program should be given to every diabetic when they are first diagnosed. It is very well put together. It has everything I needed to know about treating and stopping my diabetes. My blood sugars have been consistently normal, I lost some needed weight and my energy is through the roof. Thanks again for all your help.
Winston Retired Healthcare Worker
When I was told that I had diabetes I was confused not knowing much about the disease. I did know that it was not a disease to be taken lightly. I started to check my blood sugar regularly and at times the readings were quite high. I started on medication prescribed by my doctor and went to outpatient counseling with a dietitian. My sugar was still not being controlled. I was worried and frustrated. This program gave me the tools I needed to learn how to live with this improve my condition and live a better life.
FrankRetired Military
I am so glad I found this program! It ended all the confusion for me and helped me get on the right track with my diabetes. I finally have my health back. Thank you!
Nicky SmytheRetail Worker

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